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Featuring the fourth tower of inverness - part lll

Highlights hour 1

"every time we say goodbye" john coltrane
"academy fight song" mission of burma

"the freed pig" sebadoh
"rider in the sky" dan bau vietnam
(title unknown) scarnella

"ain't that lovin' you" carlos guitarlos
"blues alnight" james blood ulmer
"furniture" fugazi
"big wheels" (live, compiled by henry rollins) nig heist

"celestial fantasy" sun ra

hour 2

"youth of america" wipers

- brother matt's spin cycle -

"the revolution of everyday life" denis mahoney w/dos
"the genius of the crowd" charles bukowski

hour 3

part three of "the fourth tower of inverness"

"hot tamale baby" marcia ball

- dj thalia -

"my mother smokes crack rocks" wesley willis
"lovely day" pixies
"why men fight wars" cursor
"everybody plays the fool" main ingredient
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